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  • Click on a cluster to break it up and site, with precision the starting points of the routes
  • Pass from the aerial view to the topographical map by using the cursor above the map
  • Click on the icon of a route, then on the name of the route in the information bubble to see the track in detail

Accessibility of the routes :
Logo de TraceDeTrail.fr
To know more

  • Use the cursor to pass from the aerial view to the topographical map
  • Move yourself on the profile to show your position on the map
  • Click on the points of interest to show complementary information.



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Vous pouvez signaler un problème rencontré sur le parcours en utilisant ce formulaire :

Cliquez sur la carte pour localiser votre signalement

    In detail on Trace de Trail

    • Navigate on you route in 3D
    • Visualise your table of passages
    • Add a realisation and compare your time
    • Report a problem encountered on the route

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